Heartless Update 2 (August)

August 21, 2020

It’s been one exciting month working on Heartless.


Actually, the title is now a lie, because the very talented Tina Lu is creating the art for Heartless (sorry, the awful pun, it had to be made once)! Here’s some of her incredible concepts she’s already put together:

Heartless: Armor Sketches

Heartless: Color Palette Armor Designs

I’d tell you more about the designs, but I’m too much of a troll.

The Beginning

The second big announcement has to do with the release schedule. Deep within the infinite decision making abyss that is game development, I realized there was an opportunity to get Heartless into your hands faster. So we’re going to do the unheard of, the inconceviable, something no one has every done in the history of game development… Early Access. Not really, and while we’re on the topic, it’s probably best to not take anything I say seriously. That being said, we are, however, releasing Heartless in two parts. A prologue and a not-prologue. More complete than a Beta, but less content-full than its bigger, principal sibling. While only a taste of what Heartless will be, the prologue will still be its own complete game with a different story, cast, and challenges.

We aren’t ready to give you a release date, but it will be much sooner than you might expect!

Thanks for reading the first real monthly update of Heartless! Now that there’s more to show than a bunch of text on a Google Doc, be sure to follow us on twitter for more frequent updates!