Good Morning World / Heartless Update 1

July 20, 2020

I actually wrote this in the afternoon, so we’re already not living up to our name.

Welcome to the brand new Morning Person Games website, complete with our brand new logo! More will be added as our team grows and we have more games to show, but in the meantime I wanted a place to write longer updates that wasn’t directly to Steam or an excessive Twitter thread.

Heartless Update

There’s not a whole lot I want to share at this moment (soon™), but like I’ve said in the before, we’re going to be much more transparent while developing this game. Besides twitter, monthly updates on this very site are one of the primary ways we’ll be sharing that process! You can expect a post near the end of each month with some details on the progress we’ve made.

Perhaps this should have been update 0.5 since it’s really only an update to give you a heads up that there will be monthly updates.

Looking forward to sharing more in the following months! Stay safe out there.

P.S. There’s a hint at what we’ll announce next month in this post, but I figured I’d be a jerk and tease it rather than announce it outright.